verb \ˈswē-tən\

: to make (something) sweet or sweeter in taste

: to make (something) more valuable or attractive

sweet·enedsweet·en·ing \ˈswēt-niŋ, ˈswē-tən-iŋ\

Full Definition of SWEETEN

transitive verb
:  to make sweet
:  to soften the mood or attitude of
:  to make less painful or trying
:  to free from a harmful or undesirable quality or substance; especially :  to remove sulfur compounds from <sweeten natural gas>
:  to make more valuable or attractive <sweeten the deal>: as
a :  to increase (a pot not won on the previous deal) by anteing prior to another deal
b :  to place additional securities as collateral for (a loan)
intransitive verb
:  to become sweet
sweet·en·er \ˈswēt-nər, ˈswē-tən-ər\ noun

Examples of SWEETEN

  1. He sweetened his cereal a little.
  2. He sweetened the deal with a large signing bonus.

First Known Use of SWEETEN

circa 1552

Rhymes with SWEETEN


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