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noun su·zer·ain \ˈsü-zə-rən, -ˌrān; ˈsüz-rən\

Definition of suzerain

  1. 1 :  a superior feudal lord to whom fealty is due :  overlord

  2. 2 :  a dominant state controlling the foreign relations of a vassal state but allowing it sovereign authority in its internal affairs

Origin and Etymology of suzerain

French, from Middle French souserain, from sus up (from Latin sursum, from sub- up + versum -ward, from neuter of versus, past participle of vertere to turn) + -erain (as in soverain sovereign) — more at sub-, worth

First Known Use: 1807

Rhymes with suzerain

acid rain, aeroplane, appertain, aquaplane, Aquitaine, ascertain, Bloemfontein, bullet train, cell membrane, cellophane, Charlemagne, Charles's Wain, chatelain, chatelaine, counterpane, daisy-chain, down the drain, entertain, featherbrain, focal plane, foreordain, frangipane, free throw lane, gravy train, gyroplane, high-octane, hurricane, hydroplane, hyperplane, inclined plane, inhumane, Kwajalein, London plane, marocain, Mary Jane, memory lane, mise-en-scène, monoplane, Novocain, novocaine, paravane, paper-train, peneplain, pollen grain, Port of Spain, power train, preordain, pursuit plane, rattlebrain, rhizoplane, rocket plane, scatterbrain, shaggymane, Spanish Main, sugarcane, take in vain, Tamerlane, tangent plane, terreplein, toilet train, tramontane, transmontane, unit train, urethane, wagon train, water main, weather vane, whooping crane, windowpane, yellow rain

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