noun \sər-ˈmīz, ˈsər-ˌ\

Definition of SURMISE

:  a thought or idea based on scanty evidence :  conjecture

Examples of SURMISE

  1. <my surmise is that the couple's good news is the announcement that they are going to have a baby>

Origin of SURMISE

Middle English, allegation, charge, from Anglo-French, from feminine of surmis, past participle of surmettre to place on, suppose, accuse, from Medieval Latin supermittere, from Late Latin, to place on, from Latin super- + mittere to let go, send
First Known Use: 1569


transitive verb \sər-ˈmīz\

: to form an opinion about something without definitely knowing the truth


Full Definition of SURMISE

:  to form a notion of from scanty evidence :  imagine, infer

Examples of SURMISE

  1. We can only surmise what happened.
  2. He must have surmised that I was not interested.

Origin of SURMISE

Middle English, to allege, from surmise, noun
First Known Use: 1700


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