adjective \ˈsəŋ-kən\

: completely covered with water : lying at the bottom of a sea, lake, etc.

: curving inward because of illness, age, etc.

: lying or built at a lower level than the surrounding area

Full Definition of SUNKEN

:  submerged; especially :  lying at the bottom of a body of water
a :  hollow, recessed <sunken cheeks>
b :  lying in a depression <a sunken garden>
c :  settled below the normal level
d :  constructed below the normal floor level <a sunken living room>

Examples of SUNKEN

  1. Her eyes were sunken and lifeless.
  2. <our convalescing guest's sunken cheeks soon filled out on a diet of my mother's cooking>

Origin of SUNKEN

Middle English sonkyn, past participle of sinken to sink
First Known Use: 14th century

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