intransitive verb \ˈsəlk\

: to be angry or upset about something and to refuse to discuss it with other people

Full Definition of SULK

:  to be moodily silent

Examples of SULK

  1. He went to sulk in his room.
  2. She has been sulking all day.

Origin of SULK

back-formation from sulky
First Known Use: 1781

Rhymes with SULK



: a period of time when someone is angry or upset and refuses to speak

Full Definition of SULK

:  the state of one sulking —often used in plural <had a case of the sulks>
:  a sulky mood or spell <in a sulk>

Examples of SULK

  1. <a child sitting in a sulk over a minor disagreement>

First Known Use of SULK



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