adjective \-lənt\

: full of juice

of plants : having thick, heavy leaves or stems that store water

Full Definition of SUCCULENT

a :  full of juice :  juicy
b :  moist and tasty :  toothsome <a succulent meal>
c of a plant :  having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture
:  rich in interest
suc·cu·lent·ly adverb

Examples of SUCCULENT

  1. <vines weighted down with plump, succulent grapes>
  2. <a buffet table set with an array of succulent roasts>


Latin suculentus, from sucus juice, sap; perhaps akin to Latin sugere to suck — more at suck
First Known Use: 1601

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: a plant that stores water in its leaves or stems : a succulent plant

Full Definition of SUCCULENT

:  a succulent plant (as a cactus or an aloe)

First Known Use of SUCCULENT


Other Botany Terms

annual, burgeon, chloroplast, nomenclature, sylvan, xylem


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any plant with fleshy, thick tissues adapted to water storage. Some succulents (e.g., the cactus) store water only in the stem and have no leaves or very small leaves; others (e.g., agaves) store water mainly in the leaves. Most have deep or broad root systems and are native to either deserts or regions that have a semiarid season. In succulents, the stomata (see stoma) close during the day and open at night—the opposite of the usual pattern—in order to minimize transpiration.


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