adjective \ˌsəb-ˈhyü-mən, -ˈyü-\

: not having or showing the level of kindness, intelligence, etc., that is expected of normal human beings

: not suitable for human beings

Full Definition of SUBHUMAN

:  less than human: as
a :  failing to attain the level (as of morality or intelligence) associated with normal human beings
b :  unsuitable to or unfit for human beings <subhuman living conditions>
c :  of or relating to a taxonomic group lower than that of humans <the subhuman primates>

Examples of SUBHUMAN

  1. The prisoners suffered subhuman treatment.
  2. <years of grinding poverty that had reduced them to a subhuman existence>

First Known Use of SUBHUMAN




Definition of SUBHUMAN

:  a subhuman being

First Known Use of SUBHUMAN



adjective \ˌsəb-ˈhyü-mən, ˈsəb-, -ˈyü-\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SUBHUMAN

: less than human; especially : of or relating to an infrahuman taxonomic group <the subhuman primates>
subhuman noun


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