adjective \ˈstü-dē-əs, ˈstyü-\

: very serious about studying, reading, learning, etc.

: very careful and serious

Full Definition of STUDIOUS

:  assiduous in the pursuit of learning
a :  of, relating to, or concerned with study <studious habits>
b :  favorable to study <a studious environment>
a :  diligent or earnest in intent <made a studious effort>
b :  marked by or suggesting purposefulness or diligence <a studious expression on his face>
c :  deliberately or consciously planned <studious avoidance of gender-specific pronouns>
stu·di·ous·ly adverb
stu·di·ous·ness noun

Examples of STUDIOUS

  1. He made a studious effort to obey the rules.

First Known Use of STUDIOUS

14th century


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