noun \ˈstrap\

: a narrow and usually flat piece of a material that is used for fastening, holding together, or wrapping something

Full Definition of STRAP

a :  a narrow usually flat strip or thong of a flexible material and especially leather used for securing, holding together, or wrapping
b :  something made of a strap forming a loop <a boot strap>
c :  a strip of leather used for flogging
d :  strop
:  a band, plate, or loop of metal for binding objects together or for clamping an object in position
:  a shoe fastened with a usually buckled strap
Irish :  trollop
strap·py \ˈstra-pē\ adjective

Origin of STRAP

alteration of strop, from Middle English, band or loop of leather or rope, from Old English, thong for securing an oar, from Latin struppus band, strap, from Greek strophos twisted band, from strephein to twist
First Known Use: 1602

Rhymes with STRAP


transitive verb

: to fasten (someone or something) by using a strap

: to wrap (an injured or broken part of the body) with bandages


Full Definition of STRAP

a (1) :  to secure with or attach by means of a strap (2) :  to support (as a sprained joint) with overlapping strips of adhesive plaster
b :  bind, constrict
:  to beat or punish with a strap
:  strop
:  to cause to suffer from an extreme scarcity <is often strapped for cash>

Examples of STRAP

  1. We strapped our snowshoes on.
  2. She climbed the mountain with a 40-pound pack strapped to her back.
  3. She made sure that both children were strapped in.

First Known Use of STRAP

May 22, 2015
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