biographical name \ˈstrā-(ˌ)bō\

Definition of STRABO

64(or 63) b.c. –after a.d. 23 Greek geographer


biographical name    (Concise Encyclopedia)

(born c. 64 BC, Amaseia, Pontus, Asia Minor—died after AD 21) Greek geographer and historian. Born to a well-connected family, he studied under Aristodemus before moving to Rome (44 BC) to study with the Aristotelian school, then became a Stoic. Of his 47-volume Historical Sketches, covering the years 145–31 BC (published c. 20 BC), only a few quotations remain. His Geographical Sketches (after c. AD 14) is the only extant work on the range of peoples and countries known to Greeks and Romans during the reign of Caesar Augustus.


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