noun \ˈstō-lən, -ˌlän\

Definition of STOLON

a :  a horizontal branch from the base of a plant that produces new plants from buds at its tip or nodes (as in the strawberry) —called also runner
b :  a hypha (as of rhizopus) produced on the surface and connecting a group of conidiophores
:  an extension of the body wall (as of a hydrozoan or bryozoan) that develops buds giving rise to new zooids which usually remain united by the stolon

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Origin of STOLON

New Latin stolon-, stolo, from Latin, branch, sucker; akin to Old English stela stalk, Armenian stełn branch
First Known Use: 1601

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Slender stem that grows horizontally along the ground, giving rise to roots and aerial (vertical) branches at specialized points called nodes. Many annual and perennial grasses have creeping stolons (e.g., bent grass).

Variants of STOLON

stolon or runner


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