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adjective stol·id \ˈstä-ləd\

Simple Definition of stolid

  • : showing little or no emotion : not easily excited or upset

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of stolid

  1. :  having or expressing little or no sensibility :  unemotional

stolidity play \stä-ˈli-də-tē, stə-\ noun
stolidly play \ˈstä-ləd-lē\ adverb

Examples of stolid in a sentence

  1. She remained stolid during the trial.

  2. <the butler responded to the duchess's constant demands with stolid indifference>

Did You Know?

Stolid derives from stolidus, a word that means "dull" or "stupid" in Latin. It is also distantly related to the word stultify, meaning "to cause to appear or be stupid, foolish, or absurdly illogical." The earliest examples of usage for stolid, dating back to the 17th century, indicate that it too was originally associated with a lack of smarts; it was used to describe people who were considered dull or stupid because they didn't wear their emotions on their sleeves. By the1800s, however, stolid was frequently appearing without the connotation of foolishness, and it continues to be free of such overtones today.

Origin of stolid

Latin stolidus dull, stupid

First Known Use: circa 1600

Synonym Discussion of stolid

impassive, stoic, phlegmatic, apathetic, stolid mean unresponsive to something that might normally excite interest or emotion. impassive stresses the absence of any external sign of emotion in action or facial expression <met the news with an impassive look>. stoic implies an apparent indifference to pleasure or especially to pain often as a matter of principle or self-discipline <was resolutely stoic even in adversity>. phlegmatic implies a temperament or constitution hard to arouse <a phlegmatic man unmoved by tears>. apathetic may imply a puzzling or deplorable indifference or inertness <charitable appeals met an apathetic response>. stolid implies a habitual absence of interest, responsiveness, or curiosity <stolid workers wedded to routine>.

Rhymes with stolid

STOLID Defined for Kids


adjective stol·id \ˈstä-ləd\

Definition of stolid for Students

  1. :  having or showing little or no feeling <a stolid person>

stolidly adverb

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