noun \ˈsten(t)-səl\

: a piece of paper, metal, etc., that has a design, letter, etc., cut out of it

: a design or a print that is made with a stencil

Full Definition of STENCIL

:  an impervious material (as a sheet of paper, thin wax, or woven fabric) perforated with lettering or a design through which a substance (as ink, paint, or metallic powder) is forced onto a surface to be printed
:  something (as a pattern, design, or print) that is produced by means of a stencil
:  a printing process that uses a stencil

Examples of STENCIL

  1. The walls of the living room had a delicate vine stencil drawn on them.

Origin of STENCIL

probably ultimately from Middle English stanseld brightly ornamented, from Anglo-French estencelé spangled, past participle of estenceler to sparkle, from estencele spark, from Vulgar Latin *stincilla, alteration of Latin scintilla
First Known Use: 1707


transitive verb

: to make a design on something with a stencil : to use a stencil on (something)

sten·ciled or sten·cilledsten·cil·ing or sten·cil·ling \-s(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of STENCIL

:  to mark or paint with a stencil
:  to produce by stencil
sten·cil·er or sten·cil·ler \-s(ə-)lər\ noun

Examples of STENCIL

  1. We stenciled the room's walls.

First Known Use of STENCIL

circa 1828

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