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noun, sta·tus often attributive \ˈstā-təs, ˈsta-\

: the position or rank of someone or something when compared to others in a society, organization, group, etc.

: high position or rank in society

: the official position of a person or thing according to the law

plural sta·tus·es

Full Definition of STATUS

a :  position or rank in relation to others <the status of a father>
b :  relative rank in a hierarchy of prestige; especially :  high prestige
:  the condition of a person or thing in the eyes of the law
:  state or condition with respect to circumstances <the status of the negotiations>

Examples of STATUS

  1. They want to maintain the city's status as a major tourist attraction.
  2. He wants to improve his status in the community.
  3. people of different social and economic statuses
  4. She married a man of status and wealth.
  5. This job brings with it a measure of status.
  6. They sought asylum and were given refugee status by the government.
  7. They are still considered refugees. Their statuses have not changed.

Origin of STATUS

Latin — more at state
First Known Use: circa 1630

Rhymes with STATUS

STATUSES Defined for Kids


noun sta·tus \ˈstā-təs, ˈsta-\

Definition of STATUS for Kids

:  position or rank of a person or thing <I lost my status as an amateur.>
:  state of affairs :  situation <What is the patient's medical status?>
Medical Dictionary


noun sta·tus \ˈstāt-əs, ˈstat-\
plural sta·tus·es

Medical Definition of STATUS

:  a particular state or condition <a patient's neurological status>


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