adjective \ˈsta-tik\

: showing little or no change, action, or progress

: of, relating to, or producing static electricity

Full Definition of STATIC

:  exerting force by reason of weight alone without motion
:  of or relating to bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium
:  showing little change <a static population>
a :  characterized by a lack of movement, animation, or progression
b :  producing an effect of repose or quiescence <a static design>
a :  standing or fixed in one place :  stationary
b of water :  stored in a tank but not under pressure
:  of, relating to, or producing stationary charges of electricity :  electrostatic
:  of, relating to, or caused by radio static
stat·i·cal \-ti-kəl\ adjective
stat·i·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Examples of STATIC

  1. <the static installation of the statue in that niche means that no one will ever see its back, which is also of interest>

Origin of STATIC

New Latin staticus, from Greek statikos causing to stand, skilled in weighing, from histanai to cause to stand, weigh — more at stand
First Known Use: 1638

Other Physics Terms

amplitude, centrifugal, centripetal, convection, gradient, hysteresis, kinetic, lase, quantum

Rhymes with STATIC



: unwanted noise caused in a radio or television receiver by electricity or by conditions in the atmosphere

: criticism or complaints

Full Definition of STATIC

:  noise produced in a radio or television receiver by atmospheric or various natural or man-made electrical disturbances; also :  the electrical disturbances producing this noise
:  heated opposition or criticism
stat·icky \ˈsta-ti-kē\ adjective

Examples of STATIC

  1. There was so much static on the radio we couldn't hear the broadcast.
  2. He was getting a lot of static about his decision.

Origin of STATIC

static electricity
First Known Use: 1913

Rhymes with STATIC


adjective \ˈstat-ik\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of STATIC

: characterized by a lack of movement or change <a static condition>
stat·i·cal·ly \-i-k(ə-)lē\ adverb


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