noun \ˈstär-ˌfish\

: a sea animal that has five arms and that looks like a star

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:  any of a class (Asteroidea) of echinoderms that have a body of usually five arms radially arranged about a central disk and feed largely on mollusks (as oysters) —called also sea star

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Principal features of a starfish. Water for the water vascular system enters through the …—© Merriam-Webster Inc.

Any of 1,800 echinoderm species (class Asteroidea) that have regenerable arms surrounding an indistinct disk and that inhabit all oceans. Species range from 0.4 to 25 in. (1–65 cm) across, but most are 8–12 in. (20–30 cm) across. Their arms, usually five, are hollow and, like the disk, covered with short spines and pincerlike organs; on the lower side are tube feet, sometimes sucker-tipped, used for creeping or clinging to steep surfaces. Some species sweep organic particles into the mouth on the underside of the disk. Others either evert the stomach upon their prey for external digestion or swallow the prey whole.

Variants of STARFISH

starfish or sea star


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