standard time


standard time


: the official time of a particular region or country

Full Definition of STANDARD TIME

:  the time of a region or country that is established by law or general usage as civil time; specifically :  the mean solar time of a meridian that is a multiple of 15 arbitrarily applied to a local area or to one of the 24 time zones and designated as a number of hours earlier or later than Greenwich time

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standard time

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Official local time of a region or country. Local mean solar time depends on longitude; it advances by four minutes per degree eastward. The Earth can thus be divided into 24 standard time zones, each approximately 15° in longitude. The actual boundaries of each time zone are determined by local authorities and in many places deviate considerably from 15°. The times in different zones usually differ by an integral number of hours; minutes and seconds are the same. See also Greenwich Mean Time.


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