noun \ˈstā-mən\

botany : the part of a flower that produces pollen

plural stamens also sta·mi·na \ˈstā-mə-nə, ˈsta-\

Full Definition of STAMEN

:  a microsporophyll of a seed plant; specifically :  the pollen-producing male organ of a flower that consists of an anther and a filament — see flower illustration

Origin of STAMEN

Latin, warp, thread, from stare to stand — more at stand
First Known Use: 1668

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Male reproductive part of a flower. Stamens produce pollen in terminal saclike structures called anthers. The number of stamens is usually the same as the number of petals. Stamens usually consist of a long slender stalk, the filament, with the anthers at the tip. Some stamens are similar to leaves, with the anthers at or near the margins. Small secretory structures called nectaries are often found at the base of the stamens and provide food rewards for insect and bird pollinators (see pollination). See also pistil.


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