noun \ˈster\

stairs : a series of steps that go from one level or floor to another

: one of the steps in a set of stairs

Full Definition of STAIR

:  a series of steps or flights of steps for passing from one level to another —often used in plural but singular or plural in construction <a narrow private stairs — Lewis Mumford>
:  a single step of a stairway

Examples of STAIR

  1. She ran down the stairs.
  2. He waited at the foot of the stairs.
  3. She slipped and fell down the stairs.
  4. The stairs lead to the roof.
  5. We had to climb another flight of stairs to get to the roof.
  6. He tripped on the bottom stair and almost fell.

Origin of STAIR

Middle English steir, from Old English stǣger; akin to Old English & Old High German stīgan to rise, Greek steichein to walk
First Known Use: before 12th century


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