spring peeper

spring peeper


Definition of SPRING PEEPER

:  a small brown tree frog (Pseudacris crucifer syn. Hyla crucifer) of the eastern United States and Canada that has a shrill piping call and breeds in ponds and streams in the spring

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spring peeper

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Species (Hyla crucifer) of tree frog found in ponds, marshes, and other damp areas in the U.S. During the breeding season it can be found in woodland ponds; at other times it is seldom seen. It has a high, whistling call and is one of the first frogs to vocalize in spring. It is tiny (only 0.75–1.3 in. or 2–3.5 cm, long) and grayish, tan, or olive-brown, with an X-shaped or irregular brown mark on its back.


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