noun \ˈsplint\

: a piece of wood, metal, plastic, etc., that is used to hold a broken bone in the correct position while it heals

Full Definition of SPLINT

:  a small plate or strip of metal used in making armor
a :  a thin strip of wood suitable for interweaving (as into baskets)
b :  splinter
c :  material or a device used to protect and immobilize a body part (as a broken arm)
:  a bony enlargement on the upper part of the cannon bone of a horse usually on the inside of the leg

Variants of SPLINT

splint also splent \ˈsplent\

Examples of SPLINT

  1. His leg was in a splint.
  2. <a splint off the board>

Origin of SPLINT

Middle English, from Middle Low German splinte, splente; probably akin to Middle Dutch splitten to split
First Known Use: 14th century


transitive verb

Definition of SPLINT

:  to support and immobilize (as a broken bone) with a splint
:  to brace with or as if with splints

First Known Use of SPLINT

15th century


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