noun \ˈspī-rə-ˌkēt\

Definition of SPIROCHETE

:  any of an order (Spirochaetales) of slender spirally undulating bacteria including those causing syphilis and Lyme disease

Variants of SPIROCHETE

spi·ro·chete also spi·ro·chaete \ˈspī-rə-ˌkēt\


New Latin Spirochaeta, genus of bacteria, from Latin spira coil + Greek chaitē long hair — more at spire
First Known Use: circa 1877


noun    (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of SPIROCHETE

: any bacterium of the order Spirochaetales including those causing syphilis and relapsing fever

Variants of SPIROCHETE

spi·ro·chete or chiefly British spi·ro·chaete \ˈspī-rə-ˌkēt\


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Scanning electron micrograph of the spirochete Treponema pallidum attached to testicular …—ASM/Science Source

Any of an order (Spirochaetales) of spiral-shaped bacteria. Some are serious pathogens for humans, causing such diseases as syphilis, yaws, and relapsing fever. Spirochetes are gram-negative (see gram stain) and motile. They are unique in that their flagella, which number between two and more than 200 per organism, are contained within the cell. Most spirochetes are found in a liquid environment (e.g., mud and water, blood and lymph). Several species are borne by lice and ticks, which transmit them to humans.


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