noun \ˈspe-kyə-ləm\
plural spec·u·la\-lə\ also spec·u·lums

Definition of SPECULUM

:  an instrument inserted into a body passage especially to facilitate visual inspection or medication
:  a drawing or table showing the relative positions of all the planets (as in an astrological nativity)
:  a patch of color on the secondaries of most ducks and some other birds

Origin of SPECULUM

Middle English, from Latin, mirror, from specere
First Known Use: 15th century


noun \ˈspek-yə-ləm\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural spec·u·la \-lə\ also spec·u·lums

Medical Definition of SPECULUM

: any of various instruments for insertion into a body passage to facilitate visual inspection or medication <a vaginal speculum>


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