noun spec·ta·tor \ˈspek-ˌtā-tər, spek-ˈ\

: a person who watches an event, show, game, activity, etc., often as part of an audience

Full Definition of SPECTATOR

:  one who looks on or watches
:  a woman's pump usually having contrasting colors with a perforated design at the toe and sometimes heel
spectator adjective
spec·ta·tor·i·al \ˌspek-tə-ˈtr-ē-əl\ adjective
spec·ta·tor·ship \ˈspek-ˌtā-tər-ˌship, spek-ˈ\ noun

Examples of SPECTATOR

  1. The spectators lining the road cheered the racers on.
  2. The accident attracted a large crowd of spectators.
  3. I wasn't a participant in the preparations, merely a spectator.


Latin, from spectare to watch
First Known Use: circa 1586

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SPECTATORIAL Defined for Kids


noun spec·ta·tor \ˈspek-ˌtā-tər\

Definition of SPECTATOR for Kids

:  a person who looks on (as at a sports event)

Word Root of SPECTATOR

The Latin word specere, meaning to look or to look at, gives us the roots spec, spic, and spect. Words from the Latin specere have something to do with looking or watching. A spectator is a person who watches something, such as a sports event. Anything conspicuous is easy to see. To inspect is to look very closely at all parts of something. A specimen, or sample, is one example or one part that can show what the rest look like.


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