noun \-ˌhed\

: a person, thing, or group that organizes or leads something (such as a movement or attack)

Full Definition of SPEARHEAD

:  the sharp-pointed head of a spear
:  a leading element, force, or influence in an undertaking or development

Examples of SPEARHEAD

  1. Her book was the spearhead of the clean water movement.

First Known Use of SPEARHEAD

14th century

Other Weapons and Explosives Terms

automatic, carbine, cudgel, muzzle, rapier

Rhymes with SPEARHEAD

abed, ahead, airhead, baldhead, beachhead, bedspread, bedstead, beebread, behead, bestead, bighead, biped, blackhead, blockhead, bloodred, bloodshed, bobsled, bonehead, brain-dead, break bread, bridgehead, brown bread, bulkhead, bullhead, catch dead, cathead, childbed, clubhead, coed, cokehead, corn bread, corn-fed, cowshed, crackhead, crispbread, crisphead, crossbred, crosshead, daybed, deadhead, death's-head, deathbed, dispread, dogsled, dopehead, drop-dead, drophead, drumhead, dumbhead, egghead, embed, far-red, farmstead, fathead, flatbed, forehead, foresaid, French bread, fry bread, Gateshead, gearhead, godhead, greenhead, half-bred, hardhead, highbred, hogshead, homebred, homestead, hophead, hotbed, hothead, ill-bred, inbred, instead, jarhead, juicehead, knock dead, lamed, light bread, lowbred, lunkhead, make head, masthead, meathead, moped, naled, outspread, packthread, phys ed, pinhead, pithead, point spread, pothead, premed, printhead, purebred, quick bread, railhead, redhead, red lead, re-tread, retread, roadbed, roadstead, Roundhead, saphead, scarehead, screw thread, seabed, seedbed, sheep ked, sheepshead, sheetfed, shewbread, shortbread, sickbed, skinhead, snowshed, softhead, sorehead, spoon bread, springhead, steelhead, straightbred, streambed, subhead, sweetbread, swellhead, thickhead, toolshed, towhead, trailhead, Turk's head, unbred, undead, unread, unsaid, unthread, untread, Volstead, warhead, webfed, well-bred, wellhead, well-read, white-bread, whitehead, white lead, widespread, wingspread, woodshed, woolshed


transitive verb

: to be the leader of (something, such as a political movement)

Full Definition of SPEARHEAD

:  to serve as leader or leading element of

Examples of SPEARHEAD

  1. She spearheaded the campaign for better schools.
  2. The movement was spearheaded by the teachers' union.

First Known Use of SPEARHEAD



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