noun \ˈspan-drəl\

Definition of SPANDREL

:  the sometimes ornamented space between the right or left exterior curve of an arch and an enclosing right angle
:  the triangular space beneath the string of a stair

Variants of SPANDREL

span·drel also span·dril \ˈspan-drəl\

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Origin of SPANDREL

Middle English spandrell, from Anglo-French spaunder, from espandre to spread out — more at spawn
First Known Use: 15th century

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Roughly triangular area on either side of an arch, bounded by a line running horizontally through its apex, a line rising vertically from the springing of the arch, and the exterior curve of the arch. When arches adjoin, the entire area between their crowns and springing line is a spandrel. If filled in, as is ordinarily the case, the result is a spandrel wall; in medieval architecture this was usually ornamented. In buildings of more than one story, the spandrel is the area between the sill of a window and the head of the window below it. In steel or reinforced-concrete structures, a deep spandrel beam may span across this area. The triangular area of space beneath a stair is also known as a spandrel.


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