adverb \ˈsath\

: to or toward the south

: into a worse state or condition

Full Definition of SOUTH

:  to, toward, or in the south <a house facing south>
:  into a state of decline or ruin <causes the sluggish economy to go south — G. F. Will>

Examples of SOUTH

  1. Turn south onto Elm Street.
  2. It's a mile south of here.
  3. The birds fly south in the winter.
  4. The company's profits have gone south in recent months.
  5. The TV show's ratings have been heading south.

Origin of SOUTH

Middle English, from Old English sūth; akin to Old High German sund- south and probably to Old English sunne sun
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with SOUTH



: located in or toward the south

: coming from the south

Full Definition of SOUTH

:  situated toward or at the south <the south entrance>
:  coming from the south <a south wind>

First Known Use of SOUTH

12th century



: the direction that is to your right when you are facing the rising sun : the direction that is the opposite of north

: regions or countries south of a certain point; especially : the southern part of the U.S.

Full Definition of SOUTH

a :  the direction of the south terrestrial pole :  the direction to the right of one facing east
b :  the compass point directly opposite to north
capitalized :  regions or countries lying to the south of a specified or implied point of orientation; especially :  the southeastern part of the United States
:  the right side of a church looking toward the altar from the nave
often capitalized
a :  the one of four positions at 90-degree intervals that lies to the south or at the bottom of a diagram
b :  a person (as a bridge player) occupying this position in the course of a specified activity; specifically :  the declarer in bridge
often capitalized :  the developing nations of the world :  third world 3 — compare north 2b

Examples of SOUTH

  1. The wind blew from the south.
  2. The birds migrate from the South.
  3. Parts of the South were hit hard by the storm.
  4. I grew up in the South.
  5. The American Civil War was between the North and the South.

First Known Use of SOUTH

13th century


biographical name \ˈsath\

Definition of SOUTH

Robert 1634–1716 Eng. clergyman
May 24, 2015
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learned or pedantic
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