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sound card


Simple Definition of sound card

  • computers : a device in a computer system designed to produce or reproduce sound

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of sound card

  1. :  a circuit board in a computer system designed to produce or reproduce sound


First Known Use of sound card


Rhymes with sound card

Asgard, backyard, barnyard, blackguard, blowhard, boatyard, bombard, boneyard, brassard, brickyard, charge card, churchyard, cloth yard, coast guard, courtyard, dance card, deeryard, die-hard, diehard, discard, dockyard, dooryard, face card, farmyard, fireguard, flash card, foulard, Fugard, Gerard, graveyard, green card, ill-starred, jacquard, junkyard, lifeguard, main yard, mansard, mass card, Midgard, milliard, mudguard, noseguard, off guard, old guard, on guard, Oxnard, phone card, Picard, placard, point guard, postcard, poularde, punch card, rear guard, rearguard, Red Guard, regard, retard, ritard, safeguard, scorecard, shipyard, smart card, spikenard, steelyard, stockyard, switchyard, tabard, tanyard, tiltyard, time card, unbarred, unguard, vizard, wild card

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a block used as a base for a statue

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