adjective \ˈsä-dən\

: very heavy and wet

Full Definition of SODDEN

a :  dull or expressionless especially from continued indulgence in alcoholic beverages <sodden features>
b :  torpid, sluggish <sodden minds>
a :  heavy with or as if with moisture or water <the sodden ground>
b :  heavy or doughy because of imperfect cooking <sodden biscuits>
sod·den·ly adverb
sod·den·ness \-dən-(n)əs\ noun

Examples of SODDEN

  1. <eyes peering out between strands of sodden hair>

Origin of SODDEN

Middle English soden, from past participle of sethen to seethe
First Known Use: 1589

Other Drug/Tobacco Terms

controlled, flake, herb, key

Rhymes with SODDEN


sod·denedsod·den·ing \ˈsäd-niŋ, ˈsä-dən-iŋ\

Definition of SODDEN

transitive verb
:  to make sodden
intransitive verb
:  to become soaked or saturated

Examples of SODDEN

  1. <soldiers' boots that were soddened by endless hours in muddy trenches>
  2. <cornflakes that had been soddened in milk to the point of mush>

First Known Use of SODDEN



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