noun \ˈsn-kər, chiefly British ˈsnü-\

: a version of the game of pool that is played chiefly in Britain with a cue ball, 15 red balls, and 6 balls of other colors on a table that has 6 pockets

Full Definition of SNOOKER

:  a variation of pool played with 15 red balls and 6 variously colored balls

Origin of SNOOKER

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1889

Other Game Terms

bezique, carom, convention, crap, euchre, gambit, monte, parlay, tierce

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transitive verb

: to trick or deceive (someone)

: to prevent (someone) from doing or achieving something

Full Definition of SNOOKER

:  to make a dupe of :  hoodwink

Examples of SNOOKER

  1. <I can't believe you managed to snooker me with that story about being an orphan.>

First Known Use of SNOOKER


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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Variation of English billiards. It is played with 15 red balls and 6 variously coloured balls. Snooker arose, probably in India, as a game for soldiers in the 1870s. Players try to pocket first the red and then the nonred balls, scoring one point for each red ball and the number value of the others. “Snooker” refers to the position of the cue ball when it cannot hit a required ball.


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