intransitive verb \ˈsni-fəl\

: to repeatedly take air into your nose in short breaths that are loud enough to be heard because you are sick or have been crying

: to say (something) while crying or sniffling

snif·fledsnif·fling \-f(ə-)liŋ\

Full Definition of SNIFFLE

:  to sniff repeatedly :  snuffle
:  to speak with or as if with sniffling
snif·fler \-f(ə-)lər\ noun

Examples of SNIFFLE

  1. The children have been sniffling for a week now.
  2. In your family's eyes, she sniffled, I'm not good enough.

Origin of SNIFFLE

frequentative of sniff
First Known Use: 1632

Rhymes with SNIFFLE



: an act or the sound of sniffling

the sniffles : a slight or mild cold that causes you to sniffle a lot

Full Definition of SNIFFLE

plural :  a head cold marked by nasal discharge
:  an act or sound of sniffling

Examples of SNIFFLE

  1. He couldn't stop his sniffles.

First Known Use of SNIFFLE

circa 1825

Rhymes with SNIFFLE


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