intransitive verb \ˈsnēz\

: to suddenly force air out through your nose and mouth with a usually loud noise because your body is reacting to dust, a sickness, etc.


Full Definition of SNEEZE

:  to make a sudden violent spasmodic audible expiration of breath through the nose and mouth especially as a reflex act
sneez·er noun
sneeze at
:  to make light of <the cost was nothing to sneeze at>

Examples of SNEEZE

  1. She was constantly sneezing and coughing.

Origin of SNEEZE

Middle English snesen, alteration of fnesen, from Old English fnēosan; akin to Middle High German pfnūsen to snort, sneeze, Greek pnein to breathe
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of SNEEZE

:  an act or instance of sneezing

First Known Use of SNEEZE



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