adjective \ˈsmär-mē\

: behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable


Full Definition of SMARMY

:  revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, or false earnestness <a tone of smarmy self-satisfaction — New Yorker>
:  of low sleazy taste or quality <smarmy eroticism>
smarm·i·ly \-mə-lē\ adverb
smarm·i·ness \-mē-nəs\ noun

Examples of SMARMY

  1. Yes, he's a smarmy know-it-all with the personality of a hall monitor, the kind of guy everyone hides from at a Christmas party. —Bill Simmons, ESPN, 2 Aug. 2004

Origin of SMARMY

smarm to gush, slobber
First Known Use: 1924

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