noun \ˈsləj\

: thick, soft, wet mud

: a soft, thick material that is produced in various industrial processes (such as in the treatment of sewage)

: a thick material that can form in the oil in an engine and cause engine problems

Full Definition of SLUDGE

:  mud, mire; especially :  a muddy deposit (as on a riverbed) :  ooze
:  a muddy or slushy mass, deposit, or sediment: as
a :  precipitated solid matter produced by water and sewage treatment processes
b :  muddy sediment in a steam boiler
c :  a precipitate or settling (as a mixture of impurities and acid) from a mineral oil
:  slush 5
sludgy \ˈslə-jē\ adjective

Examples of SLUDGE

  1. <after a day of heavy rain, the fairgrounds had turned into pure sludge>
  2. <I can't bring myself to read that sludge.>

Origin of SLUDGE

Middle English slugge, perhaps alteration of slicche mud, slush; akin to Old High German slīh mire
First Known Use: 15th century

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