noun \ˈslät\

Definition of SLOT

a :  a narrow opening or groove :  slit, notch <a mail slot in a door>
b :  a narrow passage or enclosure
c :  a passage through the wing of an airplane or of a missile that is located usually near the leading edge and formed between a main and an auxiliary airfoil for improving flow conditions over the wing so as to increase lift and delay stalling of the wing
d :  the area on a hockey rink in front of the crease and between the face-off circles
:  a place or position in an organization, arrangement, or sequence :  niche, spot
:  slot machine 2 —usually used in plural
:  a gap between an end and a tackle in an offensive football line

Origin of SLOT

Middle English, the hollow at the base of the throat above the breastbone, from Anglo-French esclot hoofprint, of Germanic origin; akin to Middle High German slag blow, hoofprint; probably from its resemblance to a hoofprint — more at schlock
First Known Use: 1523

Other Aeronautics/Aerospace Terms

airway, apron, corridor, dirigible, fishtail, flat-hat, vector



: to put (something) into a space which is made for it

: to fit easily into something


Full Definition of SLOT

transitive verb
:  to cut a slot in
:  to place in or assign to a slot
intransitive verb
:  to fit easily <her ideas slot neatly into the theory>

Examples of SLOT

  1. He slotted the piece of wood into the groove.
  2. Her ideas slot neatly into the theory.

First Known Use of SLOT



plural slot

Definition of SLOT

:  the track of an animal (as a deer)

Origin of SLOT

Middle French esclot track
First Known Use: 1575
May 30, 2015
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