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verb skit·ter \ˈski-tər\

: to move quickly and lightly along a surface

Full Definition of SKITTER

intransitive verb
a :  to glide or skip lightly or quickly
b :  to move in or as in a jittery or jerky way <leaves skittering over the sidewalk>
:  to twitch the hook of a fishing line through or along the surface of water
transitive verb
:  to cause to skitter

Examples of SKITTER

  1. Dry leaves skittered over the sidewalk.
  2. Mice skittered across the floor.

Origin of SKITTER

probably frequentative of English dialect (Scots and northern) skite to move quickly, probably from Old Norse skyt-, stem of skjōta to shoot
First Known Use: 1845
SKITTER Defined for Kids


verb skit·ter \ˈski-tər\

Definition of SKITTER for Kids

:  to glide or skip lightly or quickly <… Chipmunks skittered along the stone walls … — Robert Lawson, Rabbit Hill>


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