noun \ˈskyü-ər, ˈskyr\

: a long pointed piece of metal or wood that is pushed through pieces of food to keep them together or hold them in place for cooking

Full Definition of SKEWER

:  a pin of wood or metal for fastening meat to keep it in form while roasting or to hold small pieces of meat or vegetables for broiling
:  any of various things shaped or used like a meat skewer

Origin of SKEWER

Middle English skeuier
First Known Use: 15th century


transitive verb

: to push a skewer through (food)

: to criticize (someone or something) very harshly

Full Definition of SKEWER

:  to fasten or pierce with or as if with a skewer
:  to criticize or ridicule sharply and effectively

Examples of SKEWER

  1. <let's skewer our marshmallows on these sticks and start toasting>
  2. <the satirical comic strip gleefully skewers many of society's sacred cows>

First Known Use of SKEWER



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