verb \ˈsi-zəl\

: to make a hissing sound like the sound water makes when it hits hot metal

: to be very exciting, romantic, etc.

siz·zledsiz·zling \ˈsi-zə-liŋ, ˈsiz-liŋ\

Full Definition of SIZZLE

transitive verb
:  to burn up or sear with or as if with a hissing sound
intransitive verb
:  to make a hissing sound in or as if in burning or frying
:  to seethe with deep anger or resentment

Examples of SIZZLE

  1. bacon sizzling in the pan
  2. Their romance sizzled throughout the whole summer.
  3. The book sizzles with excitement.

Origin of SIZZLE

perhaps frequentative of siss to hiss
First Known Use: 1603

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Definition of SIZZLE

:  a hissing sound (as of something frying over a fire)

Examples of SIZZLE

  1. <there was a brief sizzle as the moth flew into the flame>

First Known Use of SIZZLE

circa 1823

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