noun \si-ˈtär, ˈsi-ˌ\

: a musical instrument from India that is like a guitar and that has a long neck and a round body

Full Definition of SITAR

:  an Indian lute with a long neck and a varying number of strings
si·tar·ist \-ist\ noun

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Origin of SITAR

Hindi & Urdu sitār, from Persian, a three-stringed lute, from sih three + tār string, thread
First Known Use: 1828


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Long-necked stringed instrument of the lute family, played primarily in northern India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. As the dominant instrument in Hindustani music, it is used in ensembles and as a solo instrument with the tamboura (drone-lute) and tabla. It has a deep pear-shaped gourd body, metal strings, front and side tuning pegs, a wide neck, and movable frets. It normally has five melody strings, which are plucked with a plectrum worn on the forefinger; several drone strings; and numerous sympathetic strings (strings caused to vibrate by the other strings' vibrations). A gourd resonator is attached to the top of the neck.


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