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noun si·phon \ˈsī-fən\

Simple Definition of siphon

  • : a bent tube used to move a liquid from one container into another container by means of air pressure

Full Definition of siphon

  1. 1a :  a tube bent to form two legs of unequal length by which a liquid can be transferred to a lower level over an intermediate elevation by the pressure of the atmosphere in forcing the liquid up the shorter branch of the tube immersed in it while the excess of weight of the liquid in the longer branch when once filled causes a continuous flowb usually syphon :  a bottle for holding aerated water that is driven out through a bent tube in its neck by the pressure of the gas when a valve in the tube is opened

  2. 2 :  any of various tubular organs in animals and especially mollusks or arthropods that are used for drawing in or ejecting fluids

Illustration of siphon

Variants of siphon

also sy·phon \ˈsī-fən\

Origin of siphon

French siphon, from Latin siphon-, sipho tube, pipe, siphon, from Greek siphōn

First Known Use: 1659

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verb si·phon

Simple Definition of siphon

  • : to move (a liquid) from one container to another by using a siphon

  • : to take and use (something, such as money) for your own purpose

Full Definition of siphon

si·phoned also sy·phonedsi·phon·ingplay also sy·phon·ing \ˈsī-fə-niŋ, ˈsīf-niŋ\

  1. transitive verb
  2. :  to convey, draw off, or empty by or as if by a siphon —often used with off

  3. intransitive verb
  4. :  to pass by or as if by a siphon

Examples of siphon

  1. The water needs to be siphoned from the pool.

  2. She illegally siphoned money out of other people's bank accounts.

  3. Funds were siphoned from the schools to build a new stadium.

  4. The large chain stores are siphoning profits from the small local stores.


First Known Use of siphon


Variants of siphon

also syphon

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