geographical name \ˈsi-shē-ˌän, ˈsi-sē-\

Definition of SICYON

ancient city S Greece in NE Peloponnese NW of Corinth

Variants of SICYON

Si·cy·on or Greek Sik·y·on \ˈsē-kē-ˌn\


   (Concise Encyclopedia)

Ancient city, northern Peloponnese, southern Greece. Located 11 mi (18 km) northwest of Corinth, Sicyon was influential in Greek history, attaining its greatest power in the 6th century BC under Cleisthenes, grandfather of Cleisthenes of Athens. During the 4th century BC it was celebrated for its school of painters and sculptors, which included Lysippus. In the 3rd century BC it gained prominence under Aratus, who brought it into the Achaean League.


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