noun \ˈshrt-ˌkət also -ˈkət\

: a shorter, quicker, or easier way to get to a place

: a quicker or easier way to do something

Full Definition of SHORTCUT

:  a route more direct than the one ordinarily taken
:  a method or means of doing something more directly and quickly than and often not so thoroughly as by ordinary procedure <a shortcut to success>

Examples of SHORTCUT

  1. Wait, I know a shortcut. Turn left here.
  2. We took a shortcut home.
  3. Let's take the shortcut through the woods.
  4. I used a shortcut to calculate the total weight.
  5. There are no shortcuts to learning another language.
  6. Mistakes were made because too many shortcuts were taken.

First Known Use of SHORTCUT




Definition of SHORTCUT

transitive verb
:  to shorten (as a route or procedure) by use of a shortcut; also :  circumvent
intransitive verb
:  to take or use a shortcut

Examples of SHORTCUT

  1. <are you sure there's no way to shortcut the entrance requirements?>

First Known Use of SHORTCUT



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