shock absorber

shock absorber


: a device that is connected to the wheel of a vehicle in order to reduce the effects of traveling on a rough surface

Full Definition of SHOCK ABSORBER

:  any of several devices for absorbing the energy of sudden impulses or shocks in machinery or structures


  1. The car needs new shock absorbers.

First Known Use of SHOCK ABSORBER


shock absorber

noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Device for controlling unwanted motion of a spring-mounted vehicle. On an automobile, the springs act as a cushion between the axles and the body and reduce the shocks produced by a rough road surface. Since some combinations of road surface and car speed may result in excessive up-and-down motion of the car body, shock absorbers—which today are hydraulic devices that oppose both compression and stretching of the springs—slow down and reduce the magnitude of these vibratory motions. See also damping.


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