verb shim·mer \ˈshi-mər\

: to shine with a light that seems to move slightly

shim·meredshim·mer·ing \ˈshi-mə-riŋ, ˈshim-riŋ\

Full Definition of SHIMMER

intransitive verb
:  to shine with a soft tremulous or fitful light :  glimmer
:  to reflect a wavering sometimes distorted visual image
transitive verb
:  to cause to shimmer

Examples of SHIMMER

  1. The road shimmered in the heat.
  2. <a sequined dress shimmering under the studio lights>

Origin of SHIMMER

Middle English schimeren, from Old English scimerian; akin to Old English scīnan to shine — more at shine
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of SHIMMER

flash, gleam, glint, sparkle, glitter, glisten, glimmer, shimmer mean to send forth light. flash implies a sudden outburst of bright light <lightning flashed>. gleam suggests a steady light seen through an obscuring medium or against a dark background <lights gleamed in the valley>. glint implies a cold glancing light <glinting steel>. sparkle suggests innumerable moving points of bright light <the sparkling waters>. glitter connotes a brilliant sparkling or gleaming <glittering diamonds>. glisten applies to the soft sparkle from a wet or oily surface <glistening wet sidewalk>. glimmer suggests a faint or wavering gleam <a distant glimmering light>. shimmer means shining with a wavering light <a shimmering satin dress>.



Definition of SHIMMER

:  a light that shimmers :  subdued sparkle or sheen :  glimmer
:  a wavering sometimes distorted visual image usually resulting from heat-induced changes in atmospheric refraction
shim·mery \ˈshi-mə-rē, ˈshim-rē\ adjective

First Known Use of SHIMMER


Rhymes with SHIMMER

SHIMMERY Defined for Kids


verb shim·mer \ˈshi-mər\

Definition of SHIMMER for Kids

:  to shine with a wavering light :  glimmer



Definition of SHIMMER for Kids

:  a wavering light <the shimmer of silver leaves>


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