verb \ˈshär-pən\

: to make (something) sharp or sharper

: to make (something) clearer or more distinct

: to become clearer or more distinct

sharp·enedsharp·en·ing \ˈshärp-niŋ, ˈshär-pə-\

Full Definition of SHARPEN

transitive verb
:  to make sharp or sharper; especially :  hone
intransitive verb
:  to become sharp or sharper
sharp·en·er \ˈshärp-nər, ˈshär-pə-\ noun

Examples of SHARPEN

  1. Can you sharpen the image?
  2. The lecture sharpened my understanding of the topic.
  3. The outlines of the mountains sharpened as we got closer.

First Known Use of SHARPEN

15th century

Related to SHARPEN

edge, grind, hone, stone, strop, whet
blunt, dull

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