noun \shə-ˈlät also ˈsha-lət\

: a small type of onion that is used in cooking

Full Definition of SHALLOT

:  a bulbous perennial onion (Allium cepa aggregatum) that produces small clustered bulbs which resemble those of garlic and are used in seasoning; also :  its bulb

Origin of SHALLOT

modification of French échalote, from Middle French eschalotte, alteration of eschaloigne, from Vulgar Latin *escalonia — more at scallion
First Known Use: 1664

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Mildly aromatic herbaceous plant (Allium cepa L., var. aggregatum, and A. oschaninii) of the family Alliaceae, probably of Asiatic origin, used to flavour foods. Closely related to the onion and garlic, the shallot is a hardy perennial with short, small, cylindrical, and hollow leaves; lavender to red flowers in a compact umbel; and small, elongated, angular bulbs. Much like garlic, the bulbs develop in clusters on a common base. The leaves are sometimes eaten when green. The so-called shallot marketed extensively as green spring onions is in fact a form of onion.


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