noun \-ˌti-zəm\

Definition of SHAKTISM

:  a Hindu sect worshipping Shakti under various names (as Kali or Durga) in a cult of devotion to the female principle often with magical or orgiastic rites

Variants of SHAKTISM

Shak·tism also Sak·tism \-ˌti-zəm\

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Worship of the supreme Hindu goddess Shakti. Together with Vaishnavism and Shaivism, it is one of the major forms of Hinduism practiced today. Particularly prominent in Bengal and Assam, Shaktism takes various forms depending on conceptions of Shakti. In popular worship she has many names, and some scholars consider most female deities in Hinduism to be various manifestations of her. Shakti is worshiped and cultivated as a power that can lead to spiritual liberation. Shaktism is inseparably related to the system of practices for the purification of mind and body that are grouped under Tantric Hinduism.

Variants of SHAKTISM

Shaktism or Saktism


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