adjective \ˈshā-kē\

: not strong or steady in movement, sound, etc. : tending to shake because of weakness, strong emotion, etc.

: weak and likely to break down, collapse, or fail

: not impressive or effective


Full Definition of SHAKY

:  characterized by shakes <shaky timber>
a :  lacking stability :  precarious <a shaky economy> <performed well after a shaky start>
b :  lacking in firmness (as of beliefs or principles)
c :  lacking in authority or reliability :  questionable <shaky experimental procedures> <shaky data>
a :  somewhat unsound in health
b :  characterized by shaking
:  likely to give way or break down
shak·i·ly \-kə-lē\ adverb
shak·i·ness \-kē-nəs\ noun

Examples of SHAKY

  1. She took a few shaky steps before she collapsed.
  2. Her commitment to the cause seems shaky.
  3. Their marriage is on shaky ground.
  4. The team has performed better lately after getting off to a shaky start.

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Other Seed Plant Terms

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