noun \ˈshā-kər\

: a container that is shaken to mix something or to make something come out

Shaker : a member of a U.S. religious group that is known for living simply in close communities

Full Definition of SHAKER

:  one that shakes: as
a :  a utensil or machine used in shaking <cocktail shaker>
b :  one that incites, promotes, or directs action <a mover and shaker>
capitalized [from a dance with shaking movements performed as part of worship] :  a member of a millenarian sect originating in England in 1747 and practicing celibacy and an ascetic communal life
Shaker adjective
Shak·er·ism \-kə-ˌri-zəm\ noun

Examples of SHAKER

  1. a member of the Shakers

First Known Use of SHAKER

15th century


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