noun \ˈse-vən-tē, ˈse-bəm-, -dē\

: the number 70

seventies : the numbers ranging from 70 to 79

: a set of years ending in digits ranging from 70 to 79

plural sev·en·ties

Full Definition of SEVENTY

— see number table
plural :  the numbers 70 to 79; specifically :  the years 70 to 79 in a lifetime or century
capitalized :  a Mormon elder ordained for missionary work under the apostles
sev·en·ti·eth \-tē-əth, -dē-\ adjective or noun
seventy adjective
seventy pronoun, plural in construction

Examples of SEVENTY

  1. She is in her seventies.

Origin of SEVENTY

seventy, adjective, from Middle English, from Old English seofontig, short for hundseofontig, from hundseofontig, noun, group of seventy, from hund hundred + seofon seven + -tig group of ten; akin to Old English tīen ten
First Known Use: 13th century


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